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As many of our travel clients know Ralph & Kathleen had the Wanderlust in them long before they met in St.Thomas on Leap Day 1992! Ralph had lived & traveled around the world for many years & can speak eight languages, had been a Chef & First mate on a Private Yacht as well as owning his own Restaurant in Europe. Kathleen hailed from New England so she had been to Bermuda, Aruba , Bahamas, Ireland, France, Monaco,Alaska, Las Vegas, Florida Keys, as well as many of the states. Meeting in St.Thomas it was kismet, after their wedding at Cheers in Boston  it was on to St.Maarten, St. Lucia, Isla Margarita, St.John BVI, & Antigua. Living in Boston soon proved to Ralph to remind him why he left Switzerland his homeland "the cold" so after one winter he told Kathleen we are going South whaere it is warmer. We ended up in Fort Lauderdale to start and then Tarpon Springs which is a lovely quaint Greek Sponge fishing village on the West Coast of Florida with a small working waterfront steeped in Greek traditions & Culture, with the Celebration of the Epiphany every January 6th on the Bayou & wonderful Greek Festivals with dance & delicious greek food, and great restaurants all along the waterfront & lovely beaches all within five minutes of our home. But...we still had that wanderlust!!  We once heard to turn your passion into your business so we did!  WE STARTED A TRAVEL BUSINESS THAT WAS 9 YEARS AGO and we are having fun. We hope we can share our travel experiences by providing you with terrific vacation plan that meets your expectations and keeps you coming back to us for years to complete your bucket lists!! So remember Dog Gone Travel Services providing you with your Bone~i~Fide Dream Trips!  727-631-4031

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Business Name: Dog Gone Travel Services
Phone: 7276314031
Email: doggonetravel@aol.com


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