March 2013

The PTN Experience has changed so dramatically over the years. Yet with each change we have simply gotten better and better. I can still remember the crude systems we had 10 years ago. I thought they were great then. One thing about it, change is inevitable. Negotiating change positively and using it as an opportunity to learn, grow, adapt and to stay relevant is the real challenge.

Today, PTN has world class Agent B2C booking sites, fully customized for “Search”, that provide our agents with tremendous marketing advantage. Each site has its own custom CRM, allowing our agents to process their own bookings legally and accurately, while always promoting themselves as the agent of record to their clients. PTN now processes travel commissions twice per month, and is now looking at processing weekly, due the new commissions processing system. I am so excited to introduce this week, our new Cruise Booking Engine. This engine will not only accept your clients bookings live from your website, but will automatically add clients profile data directly into your CRM, with your PTN invoice automatically created for the client, and so much more.

On the marketing front, Fast Start bonuses, Team Bonuses, and NTD Achievement bonuses are still here!! However with our enhanced RM, and the new Mercedes Challenge, it has only gotten better. And no one can deny that the PTN Residual Matrix is the fastest way and easiest way to get substantial Residual income. Of course the #1 thing that everyone loves about PTN, The International Events!

For the month of March, PTN invites any past PTN agents to re-activate their original accounts in PTN for only $99.

On March 13th all Agent's sites will have the new "live"cruise booking Engine.  
Don't miss this webinar (Tue, Mar 12, 2013 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM PDT) to fully understand how to use and promote this powerful tool customized for you.

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Makungu Akinyela
Decatur, GA

My wife Chinganji and I love to travel. Pro Travel Network is the perfect business for us to do what we love. In just a little over two months since we joined PTN, we have found our travel business exploding! Our best booking to-date has been an educational tour to South Africa for Nov '13. To date, over 55 people are traveling with this group and the current sales are over $138,000.00, We expect over seventy people to be traveling on this tour.

As we listen to people's dreams and hopes about seeing the world, we let them know that because of our own experience and the power of the company behind us, we are certain that we can help them get the perfect vacation, cruise or tour for them. Our South Africa booking occurred just like that, as we talked to a pastor who expressed a desire to take a group to South Africa to learn about the church's roll in social justice work in that country. We quickly let him know that we both wanted to organize this for him and that we were capable of doing the job. As a result we have been able to both organize this tour and we are going along for free! We love this business and we love Pro Travel Network!

Top 10 Travel Agents - February 2013
  1. Makungu Akinyela Decatur, GA
  2. Avon White Buffalo, NY
  3. Katherine Shaw Mars, PA
  4. Lourdes Tejones Winnipeg, MB Canada
  5. Sherry Bult Lansing, IL
  6. Christopher McHale Whitby, ON Canada
  7. Natalie Bradford Juneau, AK
  8. Anthony & Elfreda Long Milwaukee, WI
  9. Karen Grocock Lacombe, AB Canada
  10. Jackie Gastador Burnaby, BC Canada

March Madness Team Bonus Enhancement / Mercedes Challenge:
(click here for details)

  Mary Sloane Clifford Frazier DeLencia Carter Anthony & Elfreda Long
  Valerie Anderson James Dowtin Sharonda Jeter Kelvin & Demetria Kemmerlin
  John Goins Teresa Chandler Janice Chandler Robert N Prymus Jr
  Stephanie Logan Veda Bingham Tony Ford Bernell Mack-Weathers
  Andy Pazant Antonia Hinson Carol Alexander Elizabeth Riddick
  Kelly Porter Moirae Twitty Phillip Baker Shameeka Soares
  Lisa Ivey Ursa Anderson Gloria Murphy Fabias Uitenham
  Charles Reese Tanya Smalls Marilyn Robinson Jibanananda Roy
Fast Start RMs - Achieved RM in 30 or less
  1. Clifford Frazier Richmond, TX
  2. James Dowtin Temple Hills, MD
  3. Teresa Chandler Wilson, NC
  4. Pamela L. Williams Raleigh, NC
  5. Joni Paskins Oxon Hill, MD

  • Desmond and Terion Donaldson
  • Juliette Greene
  • Kimberly Reese
  • John Hampton
  • William Thurston
Top 10 Training Directors - February 2013
  1. Chinaza Duson (RTD) Fairburn, GA
  1. Timothy & Julanda George (TD) Alabaster, AL
  2. Antoinette Jones (RTD) Bowie, MD
  3. Tonya Mizelle (TD) Raleigh, NC
  4. Melodie Washington (TD) Marietta, GA
  5. Shedrick White (RTD) Atlanta, GA
  6. Roniel Sylvester (TD) Milwaukee, WI
  7. David & Sharron Gilty (TD) Chicago, IL
  8. Anil Ramcharitar (NTD) Vancouver, BC Canada
  8. Thomas Harris (RTD) Lithonia, GA
  8. Danielle Moore (TD) Huntsville, AL

Chinaza Duson (RTD)
Fairburn, GA
Timothy & Julanda George (TD)
Alabaster, AL

Thomas Harris
Lithonia, GA

Shedrick White
Atlanta, GA

1. On Your Mark...
Get to Training Director as fast as you can. The faster you get to Training Director (TD), the faster you can qualify for the PTN Mercedes Challenge.
2. Get Set!!
Training Directors at the start of any calendar month during this promotion, will participate in the PTN Mercedes Challenge. By making just 20 TD open-line team ITA sales in the month, you will not only earn TD generational bonuses and team bonuses, in addition PTN will pay for you Mercedes up to $750 per month. PTN will continue making your payments up to 36 months as long as the minimum team production is generated.
3. GO!!
Get Your Mercedes. There are no restriction on models, only 2011 and newer, and it must be black.
PTN's Mercedes Challenge program is starting from February 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013.
Training Director must submit documentation of ownership or lease, and must at all times display PTN placard (supplied by PTN) or personalized license plate referencing PTN, Pro Travel etc. At no time may reps refer to Car as Free or won. The correct verbiage is earned.
Click here to check the qualification of this program.

Join PTN's President, as he rolls out March Madness, and highlights February's top producers
Sun, Mar 10, 2013 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM PDT

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Pro Travel Network International Event 2013

  • International Training & Recognition Event
  • El Dorado Luxury Spa Resort by Karisma (SOLD OUT)
  • Iberostar Paraiso Beach Hotel (5 mins to
    El Dorado - Children Ok)

  • April 18-21, 2013
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Drinks & Entertainment
  • All Included- Gourmet Included!

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PTN Special Rate: $225*
Hotel / all inclusive Food, Drinks

PTN Event Registration: $119.00

Top Supplier Marketing and trainings, and Sales Training from PTN, training on both sales, product with an emphasis on selling Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, and Adult Groups.

Congratulations to all of the top producers in December. We look forward to recognizing all of our top agents, new RMs, TDs, RTDs, NTDs President's Club and all Top 10s, onstage in April.

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